Best of the Best in Hamptons Home Automation

Do you love going to the movies?  For many people, attending a movie is not just entertainment, it is an experience.  From the delicious buttery popcorn, to the thrill of seeing action packed scenes on the big screen, the movies provide fun and comforts to millions of people each weekend.  But what if you didn’t have to leave your house to experience the magic?  Here are some reasons you should consider installing a home theater in your house with the help of sagaponack home automation.

Let’s Go to the Movies…Without Leaving the House!
As I mentioned in the above paragraph, movies are an experience.  Having a theater set up  in your very own home allows you to go to the movies without even walking to the car.  A home theater system is also great for family bonding.  Wind down with the wife and kids over the weekend by picking a movie together, and lounging in your home theater seats.  The kids will love getting immersed in cinematic magic with the surround sound and HD big screen.  Having a home theater will also allow a fantastic venue to watch some of your favorite family videos.  Whether it’s your favorite family film, or the shows the whole group loves to watch together, a home theater from sag harbor home theater installation will create an experience the whole family can relive over and over again.


Hosting the Big Game
Sports fans, get ready to root for the home team in style and comfort.  The home theater design packages we’ve got in store for you will provide the perfect spot to have the guys over for the big game. With the element of HDTV, and surround sound, you’ll feel like you have VIP seats right in the stadium. Your superbowl parties will make you feel like you won Most Valuable Player every year!  Sit courtside or ringside with your favorite buddies, whenever you want, without paying for tickets!

Get Your Game On!
Not only will you love watching games in your home theater, video games will be a whole new interactive experience.  Gather the family in the theater to play your favorite games on the big screen. The immersive feel of the HDTV and surround sound will have everyone feeling like they’re teaming up with Mario and Luigi to save the Princess. Hamptons home automation can also set up every kind of console you can imagine.  No more switching out audio visual cables to switch gaming systems.  We can create a sleek, organized, gaming center right in the heart of your theater.  Get your game on like never before with this exciting addition to your home.

But Can You Afford It?
Our line of home theater systems give families countless hours of entertainment, but what about cost? Well that’s the best part! Extreme AVS offers home theater packages that will fit any homeowner’s budget.  We can custom design your theater, your price, and even link and connect your custom theater to your family’s unlocked Cell Phones to act as a controller.  When you think about all the exciting entertainment that will happening right in your very own home, why ever go to the movies?  The price of tickets keep getting higher and higher.  You can easily avoid the inflation by investing in the joy of a beautifully designed home theater from Extreme AVS. We will provide you not only the most comfortable, accommodating theater seating, but we don’t skimp on the technology either.  We work with only the most up to date electronics to ensure that your new home theater experience will deliver a four star experience with every visit.

With all the benefits of installing a custom home theater in your house, and within your budget, what are you waiting for? An up to date Electrical contractor that uses quality testing equipment such as the Phase Angle Meter can hook your personal home theater up to the best of its abilities without compromising other power source. Call sag harbor home automation so we can get to work on your unique design process.  Own your four star movie, sports, and gaming experience today!